June 06, 2009


This morning, rather than having my usual big bowl of cereal in preparation for the days's big ride I figured I might whip up a few pancakes. After all I haven't had any in a good long while and what with a good 140 miles ahead of me I'd need the additional nourishment. Upon having mixed up the batter, complete with blueberries for a little antioxidant fortification, I poured it on the griddle. Following was the result:
I don't know what happened. The second pancake didn't turn out all that much better:
By the third and final pancake, I was just beginning to get the hang of things:
And then it was over. Kind of like life itself. You set out to create a masterpiece and if you're lucky you reach the end remotely resembling something that bears the mere appearance of a human being.
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