March 11, 2009


Hello out there. No doubt if you visit this blog as infrequently as I post to it, you haven't missed a thing. And if you have missed something, well then there's two things you can be sure of: first off, you'll never know what you’ve missed, thus you remain blissfully unaware of nothing in particular. And secondly: it's highly likely that if you did miss something, I had nothing do with it, which is something in and of itself. That said, I’ve decided to post a little something with the grand hope that you’ll be able to make nothing of it. So far, I’m doing pretty good, right?

At any rate, in the name of progress, I digress. The purpose of this blog after all, is neither to entertain nor bore you, though both may have occurred by turns…no the purpose of this blog, as with any blog worthy of it’s weight in html code is sheer self indulgence and nothing more. You see, over the course of the past two plus years I simply haven’t felt the urge to share so much as a single sentence with anyone, let alone a sentiment of any sort, sardonic, sordid or any combination thereof. No doubt the world at large is no more the worse for it and apologies entirely unnecessary at this time. But seeing as all constructs as we know them seem to be unraveling before our very eyes, it occurred to me that the time is ripe to contribute to said unraveling. My muse has come a’callin’ as it were and I’m feeling the urge to document a thought or two for public consumption.

There’s just too damned much silly stuff going on out there to simply sit back in a mutely bemused state of wonder as it were. That said, I’ve a tirade or two to embark upon, at least one related to that supercilious segment of society known as the Redneck Sector and another on the absurd vanity of those given over to Racism. In addition I've a few forthcoming reflections upon the more mundane aspects of life like standing in line at the Post Office and the ever elusive search for that “special someone” via the wonderful world of Online Dating.

No need to stay tuned, however. I guarantee you you won’t miss anything. That is if you're paying attention. And if not, well, it's probably because you have better things to do than track the offbeat observations and improbable insights of an erstwhile anarchist such as Seamus O’Rourke. Better things, such as catching that latest episode of your favorite Reality Show, regaling your friends with that latest inane Facebook app and updating your Twitter status are no doubt in order. That said, I don't blame you in the least. That's what we're here for after all. Life is short. Our days are numbered. Why waste them?

Vox Clamantis in Deserto…

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