October 30, 2006


Okay, so here's a bit of a conceptual conundrum that's been kicking around in my head with an increasing frequency as of late:

If the "Big Bang" theory is correct in that the universe was created with a singular explosion in which it continues to expand at an ever increasing rate of velocity, is it possible that it will one day begin to slow down and eventually reach a standstill such that it begins to decelerate and return to the state in which it existed prior to it's creation?

The "Big Crunch" theory would certainly support such a possibility. The theory behind the "Big Crunch" is that the expansion of the universe will one day reach a point of terminal velocity such that it can only but remain at the same rate of acceleration before eventually slowing to a complete standstill and consequently implode upon itself.

And supposing the two of these theories are compatible, is it possible then that the universe was conceived of several billion years into the future and that it's creation billions of years in the past was merely the inverse side of its own conception? In terms of life itself, is it possible we were born in the future and will perish in the past?

If such were the case it'd present a plausible explanation for the phenomena of deja vu, beyond the pedestrian psychological and parapsychological theoretical postulates available. The older I get, the more frequently I'm hit with the sense that I've already lived this life and that I'm merely experiencing it as though it were happening for the first time.

A more pragmatic approach to such a phenomenological postulate would be that I'm on the verge of what may well be a schizophrenic breakdown a good many years in the making. Perhaps my frenetically charged mind has expanded such that it has reached a kind of terminal velocity of its own and is now in the process of decelerating toward an inevitable implosion of pathetically unprofound proportions. It's quite possible. I do come from a long line of finely tuned mental defectives, a legacy I bear with equal parts pride and scorn.

However, I digress. The line between mysticism and madness is fine indeed and those of you who take the pains of reading these scatological ramblings can provide far better testimony than I whether its a case of the former or the latter.

At any rate, I just thought I'd throw a little something out there for the consideration of those of you given to contemplating such caustic conundrums

Vox clamantis in deserto...

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